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Coolsculpting® for Women

Women throughout the world want to look their best. This is especially true in the Ashland KY area, where the warmer weather means that many women spend more time in dresses, shorts, and bathing suits.

CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary fat reduction procedure that is helping women throughout the Ashland KY area attain a more ideal body and regain their self-confidence. After fat freezing, most women will have a more toned, sculpted physique and find that their clothes fit them better. Is this the season that you’ll finally feel confident enough to walk on a beach in a bikini?

CoolSculpting® was developed to provide a solution for patients who desire fat reduction without surgery. As we grow older, nearly everyone will be able to identify fatty deposits on their body that do not seem to respond to diet changes or exercise. Over the years, many women experience fat accumulation on their flanks (love handles), around their abdomen, and on their hips. This can lead to feelings of embarrassment and frustration, especially in women who remember how easy it was to trim and tone their body when they were younger. Many women are unwilling to undergo invasive procedures such as liposuction due to the side effects associated with these procedures. Fortunately, there is now a fat reduction solution that is easy, safe, and effective.

When you undergo CoolSculpting®, you will literally freeze the fat from your body. Fat cells are destroyed at warmer temperatures than skin and tissue cells. Due to this phenomenon, the targeted fat deposits can be treated externally without the need to penetrate the skin. Furthermore, the cool temperatures will not cause damage to the skin’s surface. The treatment is non-surgical and does not cause bleeding or any other serious side effects, so patients are able to resume normal activities immediately. Some patients experience redness and bruising, but these are typically minor and will dissipate on their own after the fat freezing treatment. After the treatment, the destroyed fat cells will be eliminated by your body, producing a smooth, natural result. Most patients begin to see results after 3 weeks with the most dramatic results experienced around 8 weeks after the initial treatment. On average, women achieve about a 25% reduction of excess fat in the targeted area after their fat freezing treatment and additional sessions can be performed for further fat reduction. Best of all, the fat cells are permanently destroyed, so the results of your treatment will last as long as you maintain your normal diet and exercise routine.

CoolSculpting® is a great solution for women who are relatively healthy and fit, but struggle to eliminate excess fat in specific areas. When women freeze the fat, they are able to achieve a more sculpted figure with smooth contours, free from any of the scarring or dimpling associated with liposuction. Fat freezing, however, is not right for everyone. It cannot immediately eliminate large amounts of fat, nor is it a weight loss solution or a cure for obesity. To find out if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure, please contact Dr, Amy Vaughan’s office today!